Riding Holidays With English Language


We aim to offer the best riding holidays with English language, and we have succeeded in this. At our riding holidays with English language we have wonderful fully qualified English teachers who tutor the children each day to ensure they develop their language skills.  As well as the more formal tuition, the children perform plays and tableaus to make the whole learning experience fun and meaningful. It’s a marvellous way of learning or improving English language skills while enjoying a riding holiday. At Scottish Equestrian Hotel, our goal is to teach and improve our guest’s grasp of the English language, while at the same time, enjoying a horse riding holiday in a very fun packed manner. Safety is also of paramount importance to us.

The children will spend 2 hours in the classroom each day and the remainder of the time will be horse riding. It goes without saying that the whole object is to steep the children in English language so their conversational English is second nature to them.

Horse riding lessons are taught in English, and English is the language used throughout the centre. This leads to a great improvement in English.

All of our lovely staff gently coax the children to converse in English.: even the shyest of children will feel confident to chat. What a wonderful way to improve your English by chatting to people of your own age, and the friendly staff who will encourage you in every way. It will be an extra pleasure during your riding holiday. Learning combined with marvellous fun is what we offer during the riding holidays with English language.

What better way to educate your kids!  There is no better way than our children’s riding holidays with English language!!!  There is nothing more enjoyable than learning or improving your English in the course of a riding holiday. A great riding holiday that is also educational.

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